The company you keep. Moscow, December 2015… Putin, Jill Stein and disgraced US Army lieutenant general/former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn at the RT 10th anniversary. Also in attendance… Max Blumenthal.

I don't consider wacked-out wackadoo’s rhythmically twisting knobs while draped in esoteric garbage bag hate-couture and polluting the world with their soulless, synthetic attempts at BPM manipulation to be DJ’s. Not in the classic sense, not in the Jamaican sense and they certainly don't cut the cake where Hip-Hop & co. are concerned. Pre-programmed, prefabricated imitations and duplications… limitations & dupes.

Truly holding it down on the 1s & 2s with style and authority requires a certain type of skillset, and there are many weapons in the aural arsenal of sound. Me? I don't get busy so much lately but I can Soundclash against any and hold my own. Even mixtapes… I’ve had some heavyweight champs with my initial jernts being just one take… one session. Show and prove. And I was slanging them thar like hotcakes. Eventually playurr put a lil sophistication on later editions but manifesting the ability to handle biz without gimmicks or cheating gives a certain type of confidence. And it produces a certain type of result. Success.

With that in mind, this hyurnn jernt is about to have minimal editing. One shot one kill. Slapsy Maxie Blumenthal has been asking for this, and I intend to deliver, no rehearsal needed.

Off the rip, notice the “angry Muslims holding Islamic flags” imagery, complete with a fist? Straight out the Willie Horton-playbook. Their game is so lame…

Blumenthal initially bungles, bumbles and stumbles his way through several minutes of providing a false-narrative and momentary distraction from the actual topic. His monotone sermon wants you to focus on the US, the Biden administration, Iraq and Libya while the more honest and obvious parallel is the shared suffering of unrelated Muslim groups by two differing, yet ultimately state-sponsored regimes of oppression and violation. However, Slapsy appears unlikely to arrive at that destination anytime soon as he mentions all of this and more (Kuwaiti incubator babies), only to have completely omitted “CCP” “China” and “Uighur” from the intro entirely. In fact it’s…

2:17 - Before Blumenthal even mentions the word “Xinjiang” which brings up the question of why aint he referring to that land as “Uyghuristan” or any of the other indigenous titles? Blumenthal has no such reserves connecting Palestinians to Palestine, so what is the hold up here? Suppose he invited any Uighur's on to actually speak for themselves?

2:39 - Now we are stopping by the Ukraine, blaming the US again and tying it to Russia.

3:04 - Blumenthal name drops Trump. An officially desperate MSM ploy from the “gold standard of independent journalism” eh?

3:53 - Mad Max connects international demand for unbiased audits and inspectors on behalf of Uighurs in China with a US masterplan to foment conflict “destructive on a civilizational level” and while there is no doubt US foreign policy and its operators could care less about the Uighurs themselves, exploiting their current plight is only possible because there is a current plight to exploit.

4:00 -“The accusation of genocide” which Blumenthal here attributes to a narrative construction effort spanning “the past three years” is convenient… as it was about three years ago when the CCP stopped denying these programs and formally admitted they are in existence. Also around that same time, top US public/private sector and academic tech experts began returning from China and coming clean regarding the facts that not only had they been developing surveillance/recognition technology for the CCP’s Uighur programs, some considered it the beta-test for advanced product deployment aimed at the American population. Do we honestly think Max Blumenthal is unaware of those experts and their published accounts of this activity?

4:10 - According to Slapsy, this invention of Western-imperialist intervention has been “constructed through three methods” listed here…

1) Document leaks. Blumenthal admits these are legit, yet immediately launches into some low-rent verbal prestidigitation hoping to re-frame Uighur reality through conscious-safe filters for his audience. Example: descriptions of genocide in the documents he just said are real transform into “dystopian surveillance state, repression”… why is he mislabeling this? Is he confused?

2) Exile testimonies. This will be easy enough… will he have any independent Uighur voices here to speak for themselves? Hes got almost a half hour to directly interact with some of them, which could bolster his credibility here. Instead, he takes shots at North Korean defectors.

3) Studies. Corporate media, no scrutiny or fact check, 4 institutions -1 individual, CIA cutouts, Regan administration, ASPI, computer geeks, arms industry, British Foreign Office, NATO, US state department, New Lines Institute, Fairfax University, Syria… Notice the ultimatum of compromise which just got thrown your way? “Either accept the CCP line regarding their treatment of Uighur people OR you are on the side of Western Imperialism (tm)!” Such a simplistic effort towards corralling the audience via only allowing Uighurs to be spoken about by others, but not to speak up themselves.

8:34 - Adrian Zenz. Another conveniently compromised target for Max to discredit. He affords Zenz the intro of an accepted authority on these matters, setting the table for Ol’ Slapsy to “expose” the main scholarly puppet of the Uighur genocide racket, thereby invalidating ALL scholarly undertakings on behalf of the subject. I started beating the breaks off Blumenthal-stans online a few weeks ago over the Uighur topic and before they conveniently began pulling Zenz name out of a hat, I had never read or seen any of his work. Some “expert” you conveniently debunked there Schhlaaapsyy…

14:34 - Blumenthal has now conveniently been talking about Zenz almost as long as he has been preaching his entire sermon. Couldn't help playing the “Xi Jingping announced an elimination of extreme poverty just last week” card which is odd, considering it was well over a week ago when he was on Spittin Jimmy’s garage-cast claiming it was “all poverty”. Regardless, on Feb. 25th Western media began widely reporting that President Jingping announced considerable strides in raising the standards of China’s rural poor. Official CCP statements contradict Maxie’s account of full “elimination” instead promising to bolster future aims at “achievements in poverty alleviation”… something get lost in translation there? Does he also take Biden’s word for it when he says $1600 worth of a 2K relief check plus the rest of their parasitic, opportunistic larceny has legislated HALF of Americas severely impoverished youth out of poverty? Seems selective about who hes giving presidential passes to.

19:00 - Still on Zenz. Briefly pivots to Venezuela, then interjects a minimization attempt at the CCP’s admitted Uighur sterilization program. Tough sledding here for Slapsy though as once again, the cat is already out of the bag. There are a number of forced procedures but the results are the same, involuntarily induced medical infertility. For crying out loud, the Chinese US embassy tweeted that by “eradicating extremism” Uighur women were “emancipated” from being “baby-making machines”.

Blumenthal finds a another point of contention with some of Zenz’ statistical conclusions and then states Zenz’ response to those contentions. Fair enough, but he then discredits the same CCP report Zenz apparently based his claims on. Way to jump the shark Slapsy. Next Blumenthal commits what could easily be an error of his own vast ignorance… or just as plausibly, an attempt at advancing discredited CCP claims of provincial ethnic makeup. The CCP’s well known population control efforts are not limited to regulating the birth of children, abortions and/or sterilizations. A variety of schemes to clerically reclassify many historical ethnicities (not just Muslims or Uighurs) as “Han” has been aggressively implemented, verified and is now a fact of life many Chinese citizens must accommodate. If Max is the expert he’s supposed to be, he is aware of these facts and instead chose to advance straight CCP propaganda nonetheless.

23:52 - After a 15 minute tour-de-farce, Blumenthal is “finally” ready to let go of his Zenz cliff notes and address something else. He’s back to blathering about Brainmelt Joe and the horrors of the US federal government. We already know the US Federal government is poison Slapsy, its approval ratings and engagement with less than 50% of the population prove that. We aint asking for them to lead the investigation and your strawmen could populate their own detention center at this point…

24:39 - Blumenthal showcases footage highlighting what a vicious, corrupt and racist hypocrite Biden has been his entire career, doggedly attempting to attach a mental association of America’s revulsion to Aloha Joe in connection with the Uighur situation. We get it, Biden is a monster and you are desperate not to have any Uighur people speak for themselves here. A tragic irony on full display is that Biden shrieking this rhetoric in promotion of the incarceration of America’s young, her poor, her “victims” is similar to the rhetoric employed by the CCP to justify their mass internment in concentration camps.

26:01 - Richard Nixon? What? Was this an appearance dude forgot to prepare for? Did he get paid in advance and decide to phone it in? Slapsy has trotted out almost a half hour of this embarrassing propaganda yet came up shorter than a midget with no legs.

28:46 - Fade to black outro.

In Closing -

An example of the respect Max Blumenthal claims this regime has for the Uighur population would be the state-sponsored demolition of the beloved Tokul mosque (formerly located in Uighur heartland) and its replacement with public toilets. Let that sink in…

The CCP has already attempted implementing similar population control agendas elsewhere in China, does Slapsy have more rounds of excuses/disinfo/lies and exclusion ready in the chamber? Inner Mongolia province almost exploded over such attempted agenda implementation, will they be the new “terrorists” who Blumenthal advocates for the internment of while simultaneously denying the internment camps existences? Will he ever actually speak with an impartial Uighur person or platform any of their voices?

Blumenthal is merely carrying on his wretched hustle-lineage of defending genocide in promotion of a Socialist-regime fetish which traces back to his OG cohorts: Noam Chomsky and official Greyzone contributor, Gareth Porter. These two have been delivering “atrocity propaganda” since the early 70's and Pol Pot’s regime. Chomsky justified disinfo campaigns denying Khmer Rouge mass-murder and brutality under the pretense that conservatives would use accurate reports on Cambodia to justify the Vietnam War. Similar to the current Uighur situation, there is likely truth in the notion that Western forces would attempt to exploit the suffering of innocent masses… but does that provide sufficient excuse to run cover for the state-sponsored horror inflicted? Chomsky still refuses to accept any culpability.

In fact, within a year of the Pol Pot regimes installation, Gareth Porter authored the book “ Cambodia: Starvation and Revolutions” which contended that forced relocations to concentration camps were “evacuations necessary to ensure access to food supply” and the dismantling of urban hospitals was enforced in order to “upgrade national health care”. Reports of state-sponsored brutality were minimized/dismissed as propaganda from capitalist compliant western media trying to discredit a Socialist state. These ghouls went so far as to offer their propaganda via Congressional testimony. Does it sound familiar when you learn Chomsky and Porter were trotting out the “CIA talking points” defense regarding Cambodia’s killing fields?

When the UNC-Chapel Hill chapter of Students for Justice in Palestine canceled a scheduled lecture by longtime Blumenthal accomplice Rania Khalek due to her journalistic compromises and inconsistencies, what names appeared signed on a letter decrying this assault on higher learning? Slapsy, Glen Greenwald and Noam Chomsky.

Final Word -

I will leave you with the words of former CCP Paramount Leader and “Architect of Modern China” Deng Xiaoping who clearly stated that if China were to become corrupt and oppressive, then let it be defined as a Socialist-Imperialist government and let the people expose it, rise up and overthrow it.

Edit: The account which originally posted the above video footage was banned form youtube. This person never cussed once on their channel… didn't insult people, simply posted videos which exposed the CCP. I will let the blank link stand as testament to not only that individual’s efforts, but also the stark reality that Slapsy Maxie supports the regime responsible for such censorship, even outside of their own country. It’s bad enough that the CCP wont allow their own citizens to view truthful independent media such as that channel (access to youtube is banned in China), even worse they dont want us to either.

Do we face front w/aspirations of hope & life, or a sense of dread & doubt? How will we greet changing seasons? Are these gangster riddles or evident truths?